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About Us

Do visit and feel the 'HOME' in Kulkarni bros and be a part of the sweet family world wide.

KULKARNI BROS. The home of authentic Maharashtrian food established by Shri. Rambhau Kulkarni in the year 1955 on the day of Datta ayanti, in Dombivli.

Over the last 55 years, Kulkarni Bros. has grown from a small 'khanawal' to a buzzing sweetmeat shop in the bustling cosmopolis of Dombivli. Conveniently located as 2 branches on either sides of Dombivli railway station - Phadke road, near Baji Prabhu Chowk in the East and Gupte road, in the West. Kulkarni Bros. is the first name in authentic home-made festive delicacies. Sweets, Salty tidbits, Spicy snacks! Each item is made with the attention and patience it deserves. The salivating aroma and the finger licking satisfaction is just as good as home-made can be. The lingering taste on the palette justifies the demand on these edibles.All our products are made in Pure Ghee and Refined oil. 

Kulkarnibrothers.com (aka kulkarnibros.com) is a result of the demands of the 'global' Dombivlikars. Over the last 50 years, the Kulkarni Brothers retail stores in Dombivli, have left a lingering taste for the true connosieur of homemade food products. This lingering taste, coupled with the exotic aroma, that keeps the mind bouyant with memories of the festive moods at home, and of course the demand for getting the same feel anywhere on this earth makes Kulkarni Brothers Online the reason to be.

The prime mover behind the site is Geeta Kulkarni. Geeta has set up this e-site in typical entrepreneurial fashion.Geeta decided to harness the power of the Internet to reach out far and wide and make available the authentic food-stuff, right from her home to the homes yearning for such traditional flavours. Geeta has worked on the logistics of preparing, storing and delivering the edibles to the global consumer with a scientific and secure approach.

Kulkarni Brothers Online ties up with the best of the logistic partners to make the consumer experience as pleasant as shopping in real at the retail store. The prime objective of this e-Store is to make the global Indian feel that home and home food is just a click away - Celebrate all the Indian festivals, in true Indian style.