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Heritage & Culture
Heritage & Culture

Our Heritage & Culture

Kulkarni Bros. Dombivli, Datta Jayanti, 1955. A small 'khanawal' created by Shri Rambhau Kulkarni, began to dish out home-made food for the motley predominantly Maharashtrain community of Dombivli. Each item is made with the attention and patience it deserves. Today, over 3 generations of Dombivlikars have savoured the special delicacies of this retail store. Ganesh Chaturthi, Dasera, Deepavali, Sankrant, Padwa, every religious gathering feels truly blessed with the offerings - typically ‘pedha’ ‘modak’ or ‘barfi’ - made at Kulkarni Bros. Seasonly, the warming masala doodh, or the thirst quenching summer cooler ‘Piyush’, is a must have, after the long tiring journey home by train from Mumbai. The lip-smacking taste of Kulkarni Bros. made Shrikhand and Aamrakhand makes any festive ‘bhojan’ burpingly complete.

Retail stores in Dombivli
Retail stores in Dombivli

Our Retail Store

. Over the last 60 years, Kulkarni Bros. has grown from a small 'khanawal' to a buzzing sweetmeat shop in the bustling cosmopolis of Dombivli. Conveniently located as 2 branches on either sides of Dombivli railway station - Phadke road, near Baji Prabhu Chowk in Dombivli East, Gupte road, in Dombivli West. Sweets, salty tidbits, spicy snacks! The first name in authentic home-made 'assal maharastrian' festive delicacies. The salivating aroma and the finger-licking satisfaction is just as good as home-made savoury can be. The lingering taste on the palette of the consumer and the smile of satisfaction at the end of the meal is the just reward Kulkarni Bros seeks. All the products are made in pure ghee and/or Refined oil. Visit and feel the 'home' in Kulkarni bros and be a part of the sweet family world wide.

E-Faral - home sweet home

E-Faral - memories & more

Kulkarnibros.com is manifest to the demands of the 'Global Dombivlikars'.. The E-faral initiative, by Geeta Kulkarni, began as a small favour to satiate the personal craving for authentic 'homemade festive faral' by a local friend who was working abroad. Soon more requests poured in. This is no surprise! For any Indian, the lingering taste, coupled with the exotic aroma, brings fond memories of the festive moods at home. So, meeting the demand of the 'Global Dombivlikar' to enjoy the same festive mood and memories anywhere on this earth makes Kulkarni Bros. online the reason to be. Cooking! Packing! Delivering! The delicious variety available is too much to resist!
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E-Faral Online orders accepted now

We’re currently accepting orders for Deepavali 2013. We look forward to serving you.

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  • EMAIL: efaral@kulkarnibros.com
  • CALL +91 98210 71225
    (8am - 10pm IST)
  • VISIT US: Kulkarni Bros.
    Motimahal Society,
    G. Gupte Road
    Dombivli, Maharashtra,
    INDIA - 421202.